Close-up of horse's eye A vet checking a horse's lungs with a stethoscope X-ray of horse's fetlock Malcolm Morley, vet, having a conversation with a client
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Stable Close Equine Practice

In case of emergency, 24hrs a day Tel: (01962) 779111
Out-of-hours you will be given the contact details for a vet who is covering emergencies. This will either be a vet from our practice, another local vet with whom we share emergency cover or our dedicated out-of-hours vet.

Stable Close Equine Practice is a 100% horse practice providing high-quality equine veterinary care across Hampshire. We have a team of four full-time and 2 part-time experienced equine vets who focus on a wide range of disciplines from equine sports medicine and lameness to breeding and preventative medicine. We have clients as diverse as racing yards, top level dressage riders, riding schools and family ponies.

We have high-quality mobile digital x-ray systems, ultrasound scanners, respiratory endoscopes and gastroscope. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to provide your horse with the best possible treatment at your yard whenever feasible.

Stable Close Equine Practice is part of the VetPartners group

Our practice provides high-quality equine veterinary care in Hampshire with a team of four full-time equine vets. This section has more information about the services we offer such as radiology, ultrasound and stud work. 

We have useful information sheets on a wide range of equine veterinary matters such as colic, strangles and sarcoids. They can also be downloaded as printable PDF files. 

Information for all clients about the nature and scope of our services including our terms of business and practice area.