Laser Therapy

The development of the class 4 laser provides a portable, non-invasive treatment method for a variety of tissues and injuries e.g. skin wounds, tendon and ligament injuries, muscle and joint pain.   

Laser therapy involves directing specific wavelengths of infra-red light into the target tissues at specific frequencies. 

The infra-red light then interacts with cells in the tissue to increase their cellular energy and metabolism which has several effects including: 

  • Reduction in inflammation and swelling  
  • Reduction in pain  
  • Increased blood supply to the area which in turn promotes an optimum healing environment  
  • Increased tissue regeneration  

Laser therapy, therefore, has many clinical applications in veterinary sports medicine from shortening the healing time of wounds to improving the prognosis of flexor tendon and suspensory ligament injuries. Laser Therapy is also a safe and pain free technique which is well tolerated by patients so in the vast majority of cases sedation is not required. The length and frequency of treatments varies with the condition being treated but a typical programme consists of multiple treatments in a short time space e.g. twice a week for the first month, followed by a period of maintenance treatments e.g. once a month.