Christmas Card Competition


We have had some fantastic entries for our Christmas Card competition. Some of you have posted particularly touching photos and others have been very amusing. However, we thought this was an excellent composition of two girls riding together in the falling snow. Thanks to Beth Parry we would love[Click for more]

Detachable Tow Bars


Do you have a detachable towbar on our towing vehicle? If so PLEASE get it checked and think carefully about changing it to a permanent one. We've heard about several incidents this year where the tow bars have sheared off leaving horse trailers and caravans to career off on their own. [Click for more]

Atypical Myopathy


Unfortunately we seem to be at the height of Atypical Myopathy season with two cases in our clients' horses this weekend. Many of you will know it as "that sycamore seed disease" and there is no doubt that ingestion of the seeds is strongly implicated. We have noticed the incid[Click for more]

New Staff Member


This is the last weekend on duty for Tori Ludlow before she goes on maternity leave next week. We look forward to exciting news in December! Filling the big gap that she will leave is Vicky Jux who is joining us from an equine position at the Royal Veterinary College. As a horse owner herself and[Click for more]